6 Tips For Decorating Your Modern Dining Room

Your dining room doesn't have to be a stuffy space that you never use. A modern dining room should feel bright, open and welcome. It should be a space where you hang out and have fun with your family and friends. To create a modern dining room, you need to change your entire approach to the space.

#1: Durable Flooring

First, you are going to want to go with durable flooring materials in your dining room. This is where you eat food, and you want flooring that you can easily clean. You will also be moving chairs back and forth, so you want the flooring you choose not easy to get scratched either.

This is not where you want to use carpeting. Instead, go for a durable flooring material like stone, solid hardwood or strong vinyl material.

#2: Modern Lighting Fixtures

Second, the hallmark of a modern dining room has a lot to do with the lights. Ditch the old-school chandelier that is found in many homes and install a more modern lighting fixture. Go for some hanging lamps that create a cozy feeling. Or use some hanging industrial-style lights. Or add a fun and funky modern chandelier.

#3: Light Colors

Third, stick with lighter colours in your dining room. Use a light color on the ceiling, which will make the space feel larger and more open. Then, use warm colours on the walls as well. Warm, light colours will help to create an inviting and festive feeling, where people feel comfortable and welcome. Ditch dark colours that create a more formal feeling, and open up the space.

#4: Comfortable Chairs

There is no reason to have all-wood stairs, with a hardwood bottom and a stiff wood back. The modern dining room is all about comfort. Modern dining room chairs look like you could just as quickly put them in your living room, and they would look just as nice in your living room.

Modern dining room chairs have nice padding on the front and back and feel more like a high-class chair than a hardwood chair that seems designed for discomfort. They have sleek and smooth lines that are designed to cushion the body. You can go with chairs that have sides and arms or more open chairs. The key is to choose highly comfortable chairs. Tall backs are extremely popular with modern dining room chairs.

#5: Interesting Tables

There are many fun and exciting materials and table shapes you can use to create a modern dining room. You can create a contemporary feel with a big, rectangular dining room table with a flat wood top and dark steel legs, giving the old wood dining room table a modern twist. Or you can go with a bright, more artificial coloured table, such as a lime green circulate table if you want to create more of a modern funky space. Or you can go with a simple profile white table without any ornate details.

The defining elements of a modern table are simple lines and a lack of ornate details.

#6: Open Space

Finally, your dining room table doesn't have to take up the whole space, nor should it. You want to have room to move around the table freely. You want to have room to add shelving or a side table or other items to the space. The table doesn't have to dominate the room; it just needs to be big enough for your needs.

A modern dining area is about a space that is usable, open and welcoming. It should be a highly used area of your home. Check out local or online stores to find modern dining room furniture.

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